Slash Valkyrie – Release

Now some time ago is released new Valkyrie after Cho-Z Valkyrie: Slash Valkyrie. This released part of Beyblade Burst Gachi, what latest series of BB. Like other GT series Beyblades, have Slash Valkyrie Energy Layer 3 parts: Gachi Chip, what is Beyblade “avatar”, Layer Weight, what is made with metal, and Layer Base, what have contact with opponent Beyblade.


  • Gachi Chip: Valkyrie
  • Layer Weight: Retsu
  • Layer Base: Slash
  • Forge Disc: Blitz
  • Performance Tip: Power

Random Booster Vol. 14

Random Booster Vol. 14

Random Booster Vol. 14 is release February 2019 by Takara Tomy. This Booster Prize Beyblade is Driger Fang 0 Xtend. Only Layer, what not release before is Driger Fang. Some BeyTubers is maked videos about this.

Random Booster Vol. 14 by Zankye

List of Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 14

  • Winning Valkyrie 1′ Operate
  • Spriggan Requiem 7 Absorb
  • Bloody Longinus 3 Press
  • Z Achilles 13Turn Blow’
  • Legend Spriggan 5Reach Eternal
  • Left Apollos 12Meteor Sword
  • Right Artemis 4Proof Orbit
  • Driger Fang 0 Xtend

Beyblade Burst Gachi

Beyblade Burst has been renewed for a fourth season known as Beyblade Burst Gachi, or ベイブレードバーストGT in Japan. Beyblade Burst Gachi will come out on April 5th. Unlike the previous seasons, it will only be released on YouTube.

Little else is known about Beyblade Burst Gachi other than the facts that it will feature a main character with a yellow color scheme, and that it will feature a whole new system of Beyblades.