Roblox beyblade group now open!!!!!!!!!

My roblox group is somewhat like WBO but we make games and gear we will have a roblox beyblade news soon but just not yet

we are a small group right now but you guys can help us out by joining (this is not an ad) group name is Beyblade Game organization link to group is!/about please check it out you don’t have to join just at lest look at it like I said this is not an ad

Partnership with Beybladers Free Streamers Community

Today I happy to announce partnership with Beybladers Free Streamers community. This community main goal is write episode spoilers, translate and air Beyblade Burst anime and translate Beyblade Burst GT manga. This community founder is Drum Koryu. He is one who start tomorrow translating Beyblade Burst GT episodes.


Discord Invite:

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