Beyblade Burst Chozetsu Episode 51 – Summary

Today aired last episode of Beyblade Burst Chozetsu, where is final battle Aiger vs Valt.

NB!!! If you don’t watched episode yet, watch this here:

Watch Ep. 51 here!

Big Battle – Valt vs Aiger

Valt, who is World Champion, battle one more time with Aiger, who beated Phi and Dead Phoenix in last episode. First battle end with draw, double Burst. Second battle wins Aiger with KO (some seconds) Finish. In third battle, Valt Burst Achilles and earn 2 points. Last, fourth battle, win Aiger with very epic burst finish. During this battle, energy storm is so strong.

Final Summary

This is nice battle, but I think this is not so good, when Aiger break Winning Valkyrie.

Beyblade Burst Gachi

Beyblade Burst has been renewed for a fourth season known as Beyblade Burst Gachi, or ベイブレードバーストGT in Japan. Beyblade Burst Gachi will come out on April 5th. Unlike the previous seasons, it will only be released on YouTube.

Little else is known about Beyblade Burst Gachi other than the facts that it will feature a main character with a yellow color scheme, and that it will feature a whole new system of Beyblades.