Gold Slash Valkyrie Goku Layer

[Image: OGoS5Ul.png]

A new rare bey has been announced! This time instead of a new layer like previous Rare Beys, its a Golden Slash Valkyrie Layer.

With this Layer includes a Golden Slash Layer Base, as well as a Golden Valkyrie Gatinko Chip. Though, instead of a Golden Retsu Layer Weight we have what could possibly be the ULTIMATE Layer Weight.

Layer Weight – Goku

The Gold Slash Valkyrie Layer will include the Goku Layer Weight, this Layer Weight has a perfect layout with 7 hexagons (the usual 3 on one side, 3 on the other, and the one in the middle), and also has some interesting design unlike Retsu, Zan, and Ten. With how its laid out this Layer Weight could be competitive when it comes out. (Although could possibly be banned by the WBO for tournaments since it will be hard to get)

The Layer will officially be available to try and win via Rare Bey Get Battle on April 26th, 2019.

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