Here is Bushin Ashura, One of the first releases of Beyblade Burst GT(Gachi)

GT base- Bushin

This base has some good defense to it. It has six blades that resemble swords with a little blade behind it. The base’s defense is most likely outclassed by Rock because of Rock’s resemblance to Salamander.

GT Chip- Ashura

Ashura has little use in competitive play. It is light and has little defense, stamina or attack. The chip resembles a mythical character with dragons? This chip does look very good.

GT Layer Weight- 天 (Ten)

Ten is very balanced on its 4 edges. Unlike the other 2 weights there are not hexagons on the two sides.

Disc- Hurricane

Hurricane is a round disc with a free spinning ring around it. It is somewhat like Tornado Wyvern because of the freespining ring. If put with the right driver it has good LAD but it is outclassed by Blitz.

Driver- Keep

Keep is a freespining rubber driver. It is quite tall which sadly prevents it from having LAD with Hurricane. Like Quest it can easily go off balance causing it to lose lots of stamina. It does have a good resistance to knock outs.

Final Thoughts

This Beyblade is ok for competition if put with the right combo. Ten is very good for LAD and balance and I can see it becoming competitive. The layer would need some customization but the Layer base could be good with Atomic.

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