Cho-Z Valkyrie 1’Reach Reboot’

Today we have news about one new WBBA Limited Beyblade: Cho-Z Valkyrie 1′(dash)Reach Reboot’. This is created by Hajime Shacho, who has most subscriber number at YouTube in Japan.

Cho-Z Valkyrie – Energy Layer

In this Special Release, Valkyrie main color changed. There is much red, grey and little bit blue. All other things is like original Cho-Z Valkyrie.

1′ – Forge Disc

1′ is debuted with the Buster Xcalibur. This have one big sword and 4 smaller swords, like its predecessor 1.

Reach – Disc Frame

Reach is released in Random Booster Vol. 10 with Crash Ragnaruk. This have 6 teeths, but its light.

Reboot’ – Performance Tip

We don’t have information about Reboot’ but I think this have same ability like Reboot.

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