Hello everyone, I am MrBlade and I am here to review and talk about the Beyblade Burst Gachi B-133 Starter: Ace/Grand/Rock Dragon Sting Charge Zan.

Gatinko Chip – Dragon

The Dragon Gatinko Chip looks amazing! I love its design with the blue and gold making it looks so great. The chip has 4 teeth or so and they seem good for the most part.

Layer Base – Ace

The Ace Layer Base seems very good for attack. Its design looks very good as well as the colors. though actually the mold of the Layer Base bares a major resemblance to the Cho-Z Achilles Layer except some differences with the Cho-Z Wings etc.

Layer Base – Rock

The Rock Layer Base seems good for a mix of attack and defense with the use of the blades. The design seem very meh, but the color choice adding blue makes it a little interesting.

Layer Base – Grand

The Grand Layer Base seems like a base that can be very balanced. Its round shape and pointed edges make it good for all 3 types. Also its color scheme/design seems pretty good.

Layer Weight – Zan

The Zan Layer Weight seems a pretty balanced layer weight considering the fact it has a hexagonal shape on each side making this good for some for combos with balance.

Forge Disc – Sting

The Sting Disc is just about decent. With the Forge Discs having gimmicks now, Sting isn’t the best of them, The blue piece in the middle of the disc can be pushed over and back from side to side likely from a spring. Though its competitiveness doesn’t seem so good.

Performace Tip – Charge

The Charge Driver is really bulky (or something like that) basically its circular Octa. Although, its not far out enough to scrape much. With its circular design, this could give some amount of LAD. Also with its tip the driver can go to really rapid speeds shaking up the stadium. With the attack and LAD this seems really good though I’m not certain if it being so big will affect it badly or not.


Of course as it is a starter, it comes with a launcher. Though it is not a weak launcher this one is pretty good. AD comes with a ripcord LR Launcher. Much like the launcher that comes with Revive Phoenix, this launcher is actually really good. Also like rP’s Launcher ripcord looks like a phoenix, the ripcord on AD’s launcher looks like a dragon.T

Final Thoughts

The bey seems very good overall as of the first 3 GT Beys released Ace/Grand/Rock Dragon has some competitive parts. I do recommenced getting this bey it seems really good.

To see test battles on Dragon combos click here -> https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Takara-Tomy-Grand-Rock-Ace-Dragon-Testing-Thread

For the review of Ace Dragon via my You Tube Channel click here —>

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