Roblox beyblade group now open!!!!!!!!!

My roblox group is somewhat like WBO but we make games and gear we will have a roblox beyblade news soon but just not yet

we are a small group right now but you guys can help us out by joining (this is not an ad) group name is Beyblade Game organization link to group is!/about please check it out you don’t have to join just at lest look at it like I said this is not an ad

Partnership with Beybladers Free Streamers Community

Today I happy to announce partnership with Beybladers Free Streamers community. This community main goal is write episode spoilers, translate and air Beyblade Burst anime and translate Beyblade Burst GT manga. This community founder is Drum Koryu. He is one who start tomorrow translating Beyblade Burst GT episodes.


Discord Invite:

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B-133 Dead Phoenix 0 Atomic Booster – Release

Dead Phoenix is a Defense Type  Japanese Beyblade, what released part of Cho-Z Layer System. It was released in Japan on January 26th, 2019 for 1080 yen. Like Revive Phoenix, Dead Phoenix have Layer frame, what called Dead Armour.

Dead Phoenix 0 Atomic

The Atomic Performance Tip features a free rotating ball tip that has a  four-tabbed free spinning ring.c

Atomic Performance Tip

0 Forge Disc is one heaviest disk, what released. Only 00 is little bit heavier.

0 Disc

Dead Phoenix features silver, black and red.

Image result for dead phoenix pic
Dead Phoenix Energy Layer

All this makes the awesome beyblade Dead Phoenix . Most of you guys might have Dead Phoenix and know it is awesome.

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Gold Slash Valkyrie Goku Layer

[Image: OGoS5Ul.png]

A new rare bey has been announced! This time instead of a new layer like previous Rare Beys, its a Golden Slash Valkyrie Layer.

With this Layer includes a Golden Slash Layer Base, as well as a Golden Valkyrie Gatinko Chip. Though, instead of a Golden Retsu Layer Weight we have what could possibly be the ULTIMATE Layer Weight.

Layer Weight – Goku

The Gold Slash Valkyrie Layer will include the Goku Layer Weight, this Layer Weight has a perfect layout with 7 hexagons (the usual 3 on one side, 3 on the other, and the one in the middle), and also has some interesting design unlike Retsu, Zan, and Ten. With how its laid out this Layer Weight could be competitive when it comes out. (Although could possibly be banned by the WBO for tournaments since it will be hard to get)

The Layer will officially be available to try and win via Rare Bey Get Battle on April 26th, 2019.

WBO X Championship 2019

Get ready to LET IT RIP in the next WBO X championship .

Bladers from WBO have a once a year chance to show off there battle skills in the 2019 WBO X Championship.

Although you can host a tournament in you neighborhood here you will be know as the best blader in WBO lots of Bladers will be there an you may get to battle them all

WBO X Championship logo

get ready this is a big BIG chance for you to show people your skills.

If you want WBO X Championship tournament in your country, start hosting WBO tournaments now. Committee select most active countries.

Cho Z Valkyrie 1’Reach Reboot’ – Hajime Shacho Collaboration – WBBA Limited

Cho-Z Valkyrie 1’Reach Reboot’

Today we have news about one new WBBA Limited Beyblade: Cho-Z Valkyrie 1′(dash)Reach Reboot’. This is created by Hajime Shacho, who has most subscriber number at YouTube in Japan.

Cho-Z Valkyrie – Energy Layer

In this Special Release, Valkyrie main color changed. There is much red, grey and little bit blue. All other things is like original Cho-Z Valkyrie.

1′ – Forge Disc

1′ is debuted with the Buster Xcalibur. This have one big sword and 4 smaller swords, like its predecessor 1.

Reach – Disc Frame

Reach is released in Random Booster Vol. 10 with Crash Ragnaruk. This have 6 teeths, but its light.

Reboot’ – Performance Tip

We don’t have information about Reboot’ but I think this have same ability like Reboot.